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The Tenth Muse

Sanctum Sanctorum

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I was born on Caprica and lived there most of my life. Right in Caprica City. I grew up in the suburbs, actually. I had two older sisters. They were killed in a car accident along with my father when I was fifteen. My mom and I moved to a little townhouse in Caprica City after that to get away from the memories the other house had. I finished high school and was about to start college when my mom got sick. So I postponed college and took care of her until she passed away. Then I went to school for my teaching degree. I had always wanted to teach, but after my mom died, it seemed doubly fitting. She was a teacher, so I wanted to do it to honor her memory as well. I spent a year on Virgon for my student teaching, but came right back to Caprica. It was home. I started out teaching kindergarten, but moved up through the grades until I had managed to teach each one for at least one year. Then I was promoted to principal of my school. Somehow I became popular, and was elected Superintendant for Caprica City schools. I caught the eye of Wallace Grey in that position, a man running the mayoral campaign for Richard Adar. Thus began my political career. He went on from the mayor of Caprica City, to the Governor of Caprica, and eventually became President of the Twelve Colonies. I became Secretary of Education. Somewhere along the line, we became too close. I was Secretary of Education for three years before I was sent to decommission an aging battlestar and turn it into a museum. That's when the world ended and things got... complicated.
admirals, airlocks, babies, being alive, being barefoot, bill adama, bill's ambrosia, bill's books, bill's couch, billy keikeya, books, children, dancing, exploding cylon baseships, having enough lotion, hot showers, my blackbird stealth ship, my whiteboard, mysteries, quorum members getting along, survival count increases, teaching, the colonial fleet, the viper pilots, writing in my journal